Chinese love story ~
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Lately I found again my old interest to chinese music so... here are some lovely chinese songs I like...

A utube channel you HAVE to follow if you're interesting in chinese music 華研國際 HIM;)
funny asian food tutorials
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Tryed them both and... kimchi was too spicy for me to handle. won't even commetn about omurice. total failure >< ha :P

SBS The miracle
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Wooyoung and Naeun parodised the drama "The Master's Sun" and Taemin with Minah "The Heirs". I loved it!! Here are the vids below but without subs.

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In Or Out : Dara so cute~~~~~~~~~~~~
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I don't know if i mentioned before my biiiig love for Dara! She's my fav member of 2NE1>< I like her cause she's cute and seems to have a very good easygoing and funny personality. And she's so pretty. I also love her cute  voice. She may not have Bom's voice but still her parts in the songs are always my favourite^^~~ So here is one of her old solo songs. I also added some photos of her to show how cute she is!! kyaaaaaaaaa~~~

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24 hours
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Korean movies/dramas related to music
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Here is a post about Korean movie or dramas that are related to music. 
1) Dangerously Excited_나는 공무원이다 (2012)
 The plot could be better. I found some parts unnecessary and the first half seemed  a bit boring to me. But still... after a while it got very interestisting to me! Especially when the man finally got into the band.~ I liked what this movie tryed to show. There are so many people outthere doing jobs they don't like and just compromice so that they can have a steady income and live a nice life. But they end up alienated and don't know what exactly they do with their lives any more. But in this movie you see that a person can really escape from this! That even if it's late this person can find again a interest in life(: and not be bored anymore. To live with a passion... I really liked that about this movie. But... it made me sad... I think I'll end up like this man but I won't be able to escape like he did... I think I'll take the wrong decision under my parents' constant big pressure:/

2)Play_플레이 (2011)
This was a calm, mild movie.It tryed to show the whole world related to these small unknown bands out there that try to make their own music, face the obstacles, get over them and succed. It showes everything. How they got together and started the band, how the surpassed the barriers, and how they succeded. It wasn't a movie that will make you have that "Wow!" feeling but still it was special^^~ 

3) What's Up_왓츠 업 (2012)
I started watching this drama only cause i'm a die-hard fan of Daesung my ultimate bias forever!! But I ended up loving it cause it was... great!! This drama wasn't very popular and didn't do great ratings but it was awesome!! I liked every single story (there were many going on) It showed in a very good way the journey of these kids to find what they really want to do and to succed. It also showed really touching and deep relationships between people. My favourite character was Oh Doo Ri^^ The whole story between her and Sun Woo Young was the one I loved the most! Really nice drama:") You should definitelly watch it~~

4) Shut Up Flower Boyband
Ohhhhh!! This drama was so good too! I loved the plot and the actors(almost all). And even though I was very sad at what happened at the secong episode I still continued watching it and loved it even though that person was not there anymore:"( -Okay oaky!! no spoilers!!- The music of this drama was one of the best I heard in  a drama till now! You should go and listen SungJoon singing Jaywalkin and Wake Up right now! These songs are soo daebak/good/awesome! And also listen to Lee Minki's cover of Not In Love of Crystal Castles. The only thing I really did hated was that actress. Her acting was so bad. If you watch it I hope you'll agree. She always had the same expression. And when she supposed to show some erious feeling like pain she looked really disinterested...:/ She ruined so many good scenes in my opinion. If they ha pick a better actress then this drama would probably be in my TOP5 list... :(

5) Bethoven Virus_닥치고 꽃미남밴드(2012)
This drama is full of classic music! But it doesn't make you hted it and stop watching the drama! It's the exact opposite! It makes you fall in love with classic music! I used to hate it and find it boring like so many othetrs.:/ But after watching this I started listening to classical music a lot and now whenever I accidentally se a concert on TV I'll watch it with no second though. It made me realise the body of classical music and I'm very thankful for this:") I also loved the love story between Du Ru Mi and Kang Mae. One of the best love stories I've watched in a kdrama till nowT___T I fell in love with Kang Mae too:" This drama is a MUST MUST MUST watch!! out of all these movies/dramas I showed you this one is the greatest! Loved everything about it~

6)Rock Rock Rock_락락락(2010)
I haven't watche this small-length drama so I can't say anything but the plot seems very interesting and I'll definitelly watch it after I end my current dramas^^ It's actually a drama about the life of Kim Tae Won the lead guitarist of  a well known korean rock band Boohwal(Reconstraction) who is very well known!(you dso now him right?Even if you're not Korean, since you love Korean music I think you should know some people that left history in the Korean music scene). The lead vocalist of this band vocalist was another well known artist Lee Seung Chul! I admire both^^~ I think this drama is gonna be good(:

7) Dream High_드림하이(S1 2011, S2 2012)
I think you all know this drama right? Even if you haven't watched you've must have heard of it since so many idols took part in it(: I watched onle season 2. I really enjoyed it. I liked their cover of Kpop songs and I loved how Kang Sora acted!~ Whichever season you'll watch 1 or 2 I'm sure you'll enjoy it :D

Ok. So those were some movies/dramas about music. If you know another one tell me and I'll add it in the list^^~

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