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I started my craze with Japanese manga/anime/vocaloids~~ Then I discovered this great korean music^^~~ Then I started watching kdramas and kmovies... All where so great(and still are) but all this time I left out so many other good stuff only cause I thought that other asian countries weren't as big in creating dramas/movies/ etc as Korea... But I was so wrong!! All this time if I passed by a chinese or taiwanese movie I wouldn't even care. But I gave it a chance and I loved everything I saw till now!! I watched movies that now are my favourites!! I had no idea how beautful Taipei is!!Ok I know  only what I see from movies and maybe Taipei isn't all like that but still even if half of what I see in movies is real then I still find it so exciting place and I want to visit it!!!~~
So.. here are some movies I watched^^~~ they're so goodT__T You should watch at least one of these!!! soooo good(":


Love is a taiwanese romantic film. it tells the story of different couples but the stories of all of them interact with eacother^^~~ It's something like the Korean movie "Love, First" which also tells the story of different couples or like the American "Valentine'sDay". But it's even better!! You'll laugh and even cry:") I cryed so much with Kai and Ni's relationshipT__T Anywayz I won't say anything about the plot :D You go watch it!!!Oh! btw.. Eddie Peng is so very handsomeO.O Seriously I can't even stare at him for long cause I go crazy><

2. Love You You
Another Taiwanese movie staring Eddie Peng again^^~~ And also Angela Baby a very beautiful taiwanese girl:) This was very enjoyable too! I watched it twice!! It has great scenery... This island is so beautiful... I want visit it one summer!!

3.First time
OMO! this movie was daebak!! Angela Baby was again starring here with Mark chao who also starred at movie "Love" I mentioned before:) This movie is the chinese version of Korean movie "...ing". I had allready watched "...ing" and it's really a touching and great story:") But I had no idea what I'd watch would be a version of it... While I was watching the movie though i realised it cause it had many common things with "...ing". But still it was different in it's own way. It wasn't exactly like "...ng" but it was more like.. based to it. The characters had different personalities than in the Korean movie if you ask me.And also the girl had her hand. Her desease was something else. Definitelly a must watch movie!oh! and.. Mark Chao is very handsome too>< But he's taken girls!! hahaha:D

4.Perfect Two
This movie had nothing to do with couples and stuff like that(well yes but only a little) It was based in a love between a father and a son. It was nice and touching:") I don't have many things to say. It wasn't a movie that made me fangirl or go crazy over a kiss(like romantic movies) but it had that special feelling of family^^~ Enjoyed it. But I think that if I watch it again when I'll be older I'll apreciate it even more:)

and now here are some Chinese/Taiwanes movies I'm gonna watch in the near future(: 
  1. Love in space
  2. Hear me
  3. When yesterday comes
  4. Au revoir taipei
  5. Great wall my love
  6. Lovesick
  7. Taipei exchange
  8. Starry starry night
  9. Believe in love
  10. Bad girls
  11. ...

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